Photographer Spotlight: Scot Woodman

Photographer Spotlight: Scot Woodman

Scot Woodman

One of our favorite new local wedding photographers is Scot Woodman. His attention to detail and composition are nothing but pure art and has perfect aesthetic for any darkling bride. Peek more about Scot and his work in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Dark Weddings Magazine.

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About Scot Woodman

Scot loves to capture the world around him and one of the most important and favorite subjects to capture are the people he meets. He believes that anyone has the potential to look beautiful in any photograph if they only allow themselves to be just that, themselves.

Scot works to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible so you can see not only you, but your genuine personality that people know and love about you. Photographs are powerful medium. They capture a moment in time forever and have so many memories attached to them.